Subscription orders are usually accepted for one year, preferably calendar year. We accept orders for separate, current and back- issues. We guarantee regular deliveries.

One-year subscription prices you will find in General Price - List of Polish Periodicals.

Trade /discount/ and payment conditions are settled up for each customer according to his status (foreign distributor, library, bookshop, private person).

The periodicals are distributed to the subscriber at his own risk with the exception of the registered mail.

Generally we accept subscriptions for one year, preferably the calendar year. To ensure full delivery please send us your order before the 10th of the November of the antecedent year. In case of delayed orders we will do our best to complete them in as much as it is still possible to obtain the out of date copies from the publisher.

In case of any delay or demage please let us know as soon as possible but not later than within three months of receiving your next issue.

If you decide to cancel your order before the end of the subscription period we can accept it only with the publisher's consent.

Pdf Journals Price List 2013

Payments for subscriptions should be made to our bank account:

Bank Handlowy w Warszawie
IBAN PL76 1030 1508 0000 0008 1712 0008

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